Free Speech in a Globalized World

2014 Oslo Freedom Forum October 22, 2014
Danish author and journalist Flemming Rose discusses the challenges to freedom of expression brought on by globalization and migration; how do we as a society reconcile the growing diversity of culture and religion while simultaneously protecting our right to diversity in speech an opinions? Rose argues that society has increasingly become more concerned with protecting the sensibilities of certain groups, rather than defending the rights we are all entitled to as human beings. In a democracy, Rose states, the only right we should not have - is the right not to be offended.
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Oslo Freedom Forum “Free Speech in a Globalized World" - Flemming Rose

The presentation, titled “Free Speech in a Globalized World,” will take place on Wednesday, October 22, in a session beginning at 11:45 am Oslo time. It will be live streamed on website at<> (Day 2, Session 5), and held there for replay. Please, share this link, along with the time of the talk, with your friends and followers.

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Flemming Rose